Why Do You Need Swimming?

Why Do You Need Swimming?

Swimming is a lot better than you might have thought. If you are not a fan of the gym, you may like this fact: gym is not the only place where you can exercise your muscles. There is a simpler, more practical way of doing that and that way is swimming.

Yep, you heard it. Swimming is one of the best ways that not only can help you build your muscles, but also a healthier life. If that’s not enough, here are some important reasons for you to start swimming regularly starting today 🙂

swimminTotal body workout

It is a complete exercise for your body, from toning your arms to sculpting your back. It does every exercise your body needs in a much simpler form than picking up a weight. It’s perfect, right? Why should you pick up a weight just to build those muscles, if there is a better, more relaxing way to get the same benefits?

Plus, after swimming, you can still do your things, from watching TV, cooking, or even playing with your friends. I personally prefer reading emails from my followers. They always share interesting stories, such as how they fight their bad habits. One of my followers once shared how he shared his dark past with lottery or what they call as keluaran togel in Indonesia since he lives there. I always admire their struggle.


Swimming can also help you to recover from your injury. It can train your muscles to gain back their strength without putting too much pressure on the body.

It lengthens your muscle

If you hate gym because it can make you look bulkier than before the exercise, you may need to switch to swimming. This exercise combines cardio with resistance training to build lean muscle. Through various movements, it also maintains your muscle to stay flexible and long.

It cures asthma

Swimming is often recommended as an asthma treatment. The various movements can help reduce the symptoms by working out the moist air. Patients will also learn how to improve their breathing and overall lung capacity by learning how to control their breath while swimming.

You don’t need fancy equipment

No need for fancy sports equipment. All you need are goggles, cap, swimsuit, and of course, water 🙂 Some people even skip the first three as they enjoy themselves to be free in the water. Perhaps, you can be one of them one day.

It is your diet solution

Here is the fact. Every time you spend on swimming, your body actually burns 500 calories, more or less. So, when someone tells you that swimming can’t help you lose the weight, they are not following the latest trend.

It is not monotone

You are free in the water. There are endless combinations of movement while you are in the pool. You can start with the basic four strokes, but when you are bored doing that, you are free to do anything else. You can pull, kick, or even perform some push-ups using the wall!

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