Oklahoma City Thunders: Why they Need A Back-Up Center

Oklahoma City Thunders: Why they Need A Back-Up Center

The OKC Thunder has been on a roll lately. They have won no less than eight of their past 10 games. With a record like that, there is certainly no denying the team is on fire. In fact, they are moving closer and closer to the playoffs following the consecutive defeat of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers at the Staples Center.

Of course, this is not to say that the team is perfect. If anything else, the numbers from the previous games would reveal a particular weak spot for the squad. For instance, in their victory against the Clippers, the Thunders let their opponents score 64 points in the paint, 46 points of which during the first half alone.

The issue here is the fact that their lines in the front court are extremely thin. Steven Adams is their primary big man. Yet, they have no reliable back-up. The problem would be exacerbated if Adams would get into foul trouble early on as they would be left even more exposed to attacks on the paint and the post.

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