God of War Review

God of War Review

The greatest games are not those with millions of dollars in the budget or created by the world’s best developer or studio. The best games are those made with different and strong aspects to create an engrossing and unified whole. The plot should be fantastic, yet easy enough to understand. The game should unite with the players as if the player has become its main character. This is what a great game is and the God of War.

You will enter a new world, inspired by Norse mythology and play a familiar, yet reimagined character. The game is full of emotions and thanks to one continuous camera that shoots every scene in the game, you will never lose any crucial moment during the game. It will put you right at the heart of the game: the fatherly relationship between Kratos and Atreus, his young son. However, even that sounds simple, you should get ready to explore the gorgeous world and enter an immensely satisfying combat whenever it takes place.

Thanks to the simple plot, you will easily understand how the game works and even experience the whole tense since the very first minute. The father and his son begin their journey right after losing their beloved wife and mother. Atreus, who has a deep and strong bond with his mother, decided to follow his father and set their feet to the vast outside world with only one goal in their head: to carry out the last will of Atreus’ mother.

The display is set up to bring a journey-like visual. You can easily spot a peak in the distance and even go there. However, since it is the God of War, there is never an easy path. There are several obstacles, including those made by gods, that you have to beat. There are threats everywhere that even a pro will need at least 2 days playing the game non-stop to complete the game. Don’t worry, the first one will get before your eyes in the opening hours.

If you played God of War before, you should know how ‘colourful’ life Kratos has. Triumph, loss, and killing are everywhere. That life continues in this game and forms his character. The only difference is, he has now entered a new stage in his life. Even so, there are things to do since he is still a stranger in the new place and the only place where he can rely on is his son.


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