Month: September 2016

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It seems just like yesterday, but 2006 is almost a lifetime away in an industry that changes as frequently as your facebook updates. 2006 was the year that one of Austin’s more promising punk/indie bands decided to call it quits. To most, The Arm probably doesn’t even ring familiar, but for those of us who have been inhabiting the downtown scene for more than a decade, The Arm’s rapid rise and unexpected fall, still remains quite the mystery. The band on the rise, with the critically acclaimed album Call You Out (Indirect Records), a successful showing @ CMJ, and an Austin buzz growing louder by the minute, that turned the switch to off, and quietly slid into their every day lives.

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All four original members will be together on stage tonight for the first time since the 2006 break-up, with one member even traveling halfway across the country for this one-off show. The call to The Arm for this reunion show faded years ago, and it seems the band never forgot that call. Joining The Arm tonight @ Emos will be The Lemurs, and the Good Times Crisis Band.